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To learn how to hunt. cheetah in hindi . tiger in hindi wikipedia
cheetah in hindi – A large herd does not have much need to be afraid of cheetah. Cheetah knows this too. Chita is not alone. He is hunting with his brother.

He swiftly attacked the prey and jumped and knocked the prey down. The teeth of cheetah are very small. They can hardly bite the skin of the victim.

The jaw shape is perfect for holding. The neck has to be held firmly for a few minutes. A cheetah loosens its grip on the prey when the prey reduces its quivering.

When one cheetah started eating the prey, the other was watching the pyre to see if there was any danger around. This hunting is a boon for them. Both of them will eat full food.

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Information about cheetah in hindi – A cheetah needs about 4 kg of meat in 1 day. Talking about food, he can eat up to 14 kg. In that condition, it can live without hunting for four to five days.

Like other cats, the cheetah catches its prey in its claws and eats it there. The cheetah eats prey frequently. Let no other hunter come to steal his prey.

Because of hunting together, cheetah has got a good feast. One is watching and the other is eating comfortably. Danger can come from every direction. Cheetah is at particular risk from hyenas and lions.

Cheetah are not strong enough to face them. If he comes here then cheetah will have to give up his prey.

Cheetah has adopted the strategy of hunting together. Due to which the chances of hunting have increased. Because of which it can eat the whole prey. Whereas other cats adopt a different strategy.

Leopard prey is also often stolen. Well, they are good hunters. His body is strong. They have to give up in front of all the animals of Africa except the cheetah.

A leopard is hiding on a tree. Because a family of lions has surrounded them. The lions are interested in the corpse of the hunter hanging on the tree and on the leopard. In order to protect the prey from theft, the leopard takes its prey to the tree.

Compared to cheetah, leopards come more often to eat their food. Therefore it is necessary to keep their reserves safe.

From this point of view this tree is the perfect location for the leopard. This is not a well thought out strategy of the leopard. It is their natural successor and neither do they do it.

Countries where leopards are not threatened by other predators. They eat their prey on the ground and leave it there. The leopard ran away as soon as he got the chance.

These high grasslands are full of pick-up gangs and opportunistic hunters. There are some animals that for some reason do not hunt themselves.

But they live in search of prey done by others. Both the vulture and the hyena are expert in this work.

There are many options available for the lioness to eat. Lioness can eat rotten meat more than usual. She can scare the cheetah and eat her prey. She can hunt small animals that she does not think fit for hunting.

Both the lion and its prey are associated with this environment. The relationship between these is very interesting facts are complicated.

For millions of years, both have developed together in this environment. But even today, the weight of any one cannot be called heavy.

Prey have evolved new ways to make their escape. At the same time, hunters have changed their attack strategies and hunting methods.

Cheetahs always like to hunt in an open area. Because only in such grounds he can take full advantage of his speed.

Unlike other predators, they come out in the afternoon in search of their food. Perhaps this is a well thought out strategy. This reduces the chances of a face-off between lions and hyenas.

To find prey, the cheetah easily patrols its territory. The pyre detects prey with its amazing hearing and its sharp eye.

It is necessary to identify the victim from a distance. He reaches near stiflingly and after reaching within a radius of 100 meters, runs away and attacks.

If the hunter has young in the herd, then the cheetah tries to separate the young from the herd and also tries to catch the hunter.

Cheetah never attacks weak and sick hunters. Because it is different from other animals.

During the run of cheetah, their soles get hot when they rub against the ground. The hunting strategy of the cheetah depends on its anatomy.

He can run fast because of his long legs. But he is not able to cover much distance. Can maintain speed only for a distance of less than 300 meters.

After this, breathlessness starts and the heart starts beating rapidly. It becomes necessary to stop. He is left with no other option. That’s why he attacks only after going very close to the victim.
At this time the body temperature of Cheetah’s body increases greatly. The body must be in a normal state for cheetah to attack the victim again.