fun facts about ants . what are surgeon ants called
You must have heard the name of surgeon ants. Have you ever heard the name of surgeon ant? It is found in the entire desert which is located in Africa. These things are called metabolic ants.

Why do ants attack termites?
These ants are especially adept at attacking termites. These ants attack about 4 colonies of termite in a day.

Termite has two big teeth, which protect them from these ants. These teeth are very dangerous. Many ants get injured by termite attack. Because the fight goes on between these two for food.

How Surgeon Ants Heal Injured Ants
When Ant and Termite fight with each other. Then many ants get injured and they get hurt. Ants use a special method to treat this injury.

Injured ants release a special type of chemical. Which reaches the surgeon ants. and signifies it. So that the surgeon ants come to them. This hormone is used by the ants to call the surgeon ants.

As soon as the surgeon ants reach them for their treatment. She puts her injured leg forward and the surgeon ants start licking her feet. where they got hurt. Their wound is treated by licking them and it gets cured.

Because a saliva comes out of their mouth, which coagulates their blood and stops the flow of their blood and there is no fear of infection.

Scientists have found that if these injured ants do not get treatment, then 80% of the ants will die.

These ants are ready to fight Pune after 1 hour of treatment. That is, after 1 hour these ants become completely healthy.

Why some ants don’t call the medical team
In research, scientists also found that the ants who are injured. That is, the genes are not from the moon for the ants to survive. That is, the ants who think that they will not be able to escape.

The ants don’t call the medical team and don’t even get themselves treated. That is, they don’t call surgeon ants to help them.
There are 200 million ants in a colony of metabolically ants.