simple mehndi design photo, simple mehndi photo, easy mehndi design photo, mehndi dijain photo

simple mehndi design photo, simple mehndi photo, easy mehndi design photo, mehndi dijain photo

Bell of hands – Come friends, today we are going to tell you about some such mehandi designs. Seeing whom you also want to apply mehandi design. mehandi design handli.

We all apply mehandi for festival fasting. What is the role of mehndi in our life. You all know this.

Our every festival is incomplete without mehndi, like as soon as the festival of karva chauth comes, all women start making mehandi designs on their hands. Mehndi is a shringaar of women.

When you go to any shadi. Then you find beautiful beautiful mehandi designs made on the hands of many women. Seeing that, you also feel like copying the design.

If women do not have henna on their hands, it is considered a bad omen. Women’s hands made with henna look very beautiful on the festival.

1 How many types of mehndi designs are there .design of mehndi .mehndi design .
latest mehndi design – Now we tell you, how many types of mehandi designs are there. You definitely want to know that how many types of mehandi designs are there.

How you can make your palms beautiful by making mehndi design on your palms.

  1. vine of hands
    2 . hand mehandi design
  2. double hand mehndi
  3. mehndi bell design

There are five types of mehndi designs. Mehandi design 5 types hote
1 mandala mehndi design mandala mehndi design
2 Criss cross mehandi pattern design Criss cross Mehandi pattern design
3 floral tikki mehndi design floral tikki mehndi design
4 Shaded Mehndi Design Shaded Mehndi Design
5 big flower mehndi designs bade phool wali mehandi design

Bell of 2 hands – hathon ki BEL
Bells of hands – Nowadays girls do not like to apply mehndi, that is why they prefer to get a bell design made on their hands.

She does not like to have BEL design on her entire hathon. Mehandi’s design is available anywhere on the internet.

That’s why nowadays women like to apply mehndi on their own by looking on the internet. If you like to apply vine mehandi on your hands.

So for this you can make 2 chodi bells with flowers on your palm, because mostly girls like to make phool in their hands.

Apart from hands, girls like to apply different types of mehandi on their fingers, like a different type of mehandi is made on the thumb.

Apart from this, different types of mehndi are made on the finger. Girls apply BEL design on their entire hand.

Whereas on her thumb she makes small carriers along with phool and pati. Today’s girls prefer to apply less mehndi due to lack of time.

That’s why a BEL mehndi design BEL has been made. This saves their time. Along with this, their money is also saved.

That’s why if you apply mehndi with a vine. So this saves you a lot of time.

3 mehandi design hatheli – mehndi design palm
mehandi design hatheli – Now we will tell you about hatheli mehandi design, how palm mehandi design is, and if you make some designs of mehndi on the palm, how they enhance the beauty of your hand.

You must have seen many girls and women making mehndi designs on the palm, and they look very beautiful too.

If you make unique mehndi design on the palm, then it makes your palm look even more beautiful.

If you apply gol mehndi in the middle of the palm, then it is called mandala mehndi design, but if you apply flower leaf mehndi around the palm.

So us floral tikki mehndi kahate hain that’s why if you like any of these two mehndi designs, you can make them on your palm.

This is very simple mehndi design. hatheli mehandi design is most celebrated. With this your whole hand is filled with mehandi. At the same time, your hand looks even more beautiful.

4 Mehandi BEL design- Mehndi Bell Design
Mehandi BEL design – Now we tell you. How to make mehndi vine design. Mehandi BEL design is also of many types.

latest mehndi designs
In this, there are generally four types of mehndi vine designs.

1 Simple Bell Design of Mehndi – Mehandi ki simple BEL design
2 Simple bail mehndi design – simple bail mehndi design
3 easy bail mehndi designs – aasan bail mehndi design
4 Thin Bell Design of Mehndi – Mehandi ki Patali Mehandi ki Patali BEL design

You must have seen thin and many bell designs of mehandi. Today’s women and ladies very much like to make BEL designs of Mehndi.

Due to lack of time, nowadays girls prefer to make bell designs. If we make mehndi vine design on whole hand.

So it makes your hand look even more beautiful. Most of the women get BEL design made then.

When there is a small function in their house. Then the women got the bell design made. Which looks very unique and beautiful.

Apart from hands, women also like to make bell designs on feet. If we make mehndi on our hands, and there is no bell design in it, then our hands look very bad.

BEL design makes our hands look full and looks beautiful too. Although there are many types of designs, but the bell design is most liked.

It is most prominent in mehndi design. Nowadays, along with girls, brides also like to make bell designs.

5 Mehandi design picture – photo of mehndi design
Mehandi design picture – Now we tell you, mehandi design picture You can see Mehandi latest design anywhere on the internet, and make beautiful designs of mehndi on your hands.

Many people send mehndi designs to you on Facebook WhatsApp Instagram. If you want, you can get inspired from them and make mehndi designs.

Apart from this, mehandi design picture is easily available anywhere on the internet.

how many types of mehndi designs are there type of mehndi design
Let us tell you today. How many types of mehandi designs are there, yes friends you already know. About mehandi mehandi mehandi is the pride of our country.

Whenever there is a Teej festival or function party. Then we like to apply mehandi. Mehndi creates our beautiful hands.

The less said about mehandi, the better. Mehndi shows the love between us and our life partner.

It is said that the deeper the mehandi is drawn in the hand of a woman. Her partner loves her just as much.

Mehndi is a very beautiful creation. How many types of mehandi are there, although there are many types of mehandi, but we tell you the following types of mehandi.

1 Mughlai Mehndi
2 Moroccan Mehndi Hindu
3 arabic mehndi
4 Pakistani Mehndi
5 arabic mehndi
6 Indian Mehndi

bracelet type mehndi design bracelet type mehndi design jago li hai na meri zindagi kharab
Let us now tell you about bracelet type mehndi design, yes friends bracelet type mehndi design is very beautiful.

In this, the upper part of your palm where you wear the bangle. From there we have to start mehndi designs.

In which we take the brush. Mehandi designs will be made for bracelet, so all of you have seen it very well, so what kind of bracelet design you want to make.

You can make that type on your hand. This design looks very beautiful. We can make this design for Teej festival as well as for fasting.

Apart from this, when we get this design made on our hand. So we don’t even need to wear chudi. This design looks exactly like chudi.

tattoo mehndi design tattoo mehndi design
Now let’s talk. Regarding tattoo type mehndi design, yes friends, although everyone likes to get tattoo done, that’s why many people get tattoo done in real.

But when we really get tattoo done. Then we feel a lot of pain, that’s why both girls and boys make tattoos with mehandi.

Tattoo type mehndi design is made by both boys and girls. We can make any type of tattoo in Tattoo.

Any design can be made. If we want to get someone’s name written on it, then we can get someone’s name written on it just like a tattoo.

Apart from this, if we want to make an idol of God, then we can make an idol of God.

In this way we can make tattoo design from mehandi also.

box type mehndi design box type mehndi design
You must have heard about box type mehndi design, most boys like to make it.

We can make this box design anywhere. If you want, you can write the name of your boyfriend or parents by getting it made anywhere on the upper part of your hand on your shoulder.

This design is slightly bigger. For this it needs a lot of space. We can make a box type design and also get someone’s photo made in it.

So now you must have come to know about box type mehndi design. It is pretty unique.

bangle type mehndi design bangle type mehndi design
Now we tell you. Regarding bangle type mehndi design, yes friends, all of you must have seen the bangle type mehndi design.

In this the design starts from the corner of the hand. All the designs are circular in this. Like it is made in Bengali type.

This design is made around the hand. Like we wear bangle in our hand. In the same way this design is also made.

It has one more special thing, that the way we have space in between the bangles in our hands to wear the bangles.

Similarly, space is given on our hands in the middle of this design as well. This design is not stuffed at all, but then this design covers the whole hand.

This design is very beautiful to look at. We can apply this design on bridal dulhan also. When a bridal bride does not like heavy mehndi.

Then bangle type mehndi design is applied to the bride. so that he is comfortable in mehndi

Apart from this, if you get this design made, then you do not even need to wear bangles.

This design comes on your entire wrist. Because of which you do not need to wear too many bangles.

Stylish mehndi design 2020 Stylish mehndi design
Now let’s talk about Stylish mehndi design 2020, in the last year 2020 many mehndi designs came, stylish mehndi designs can be done.

Stylish mehndi design means that you know the meaning of Stylish to make different types of mehndi designs.

How many designs have come in 2020 which we can apply on bridal too. Apart from this, some such lightweight and best designs have also come.

Many such mehndi designs have come on the internet in 2020. Which you would also like to make on your hands.

Which we can observe inside any Teej festival fast. Some such unique designs that came in 2020, seeing which even your mind gets ready to make mehndi design.

Mehndi design circle type
Let us tell you now. What about circle type mehndi design, friends always make this mehandi design on their hands.

In this design flower type design is made on your palm. Apart from this, a different design is also made on your fingers.

In this design mehndi design is not made on your whole hands. In this, a design is made on your palm.

Apart from this, different types of designs are also made on your fingers. Apart from this, leaving some space, a beautiful design is also made on your wrist.

Space is left in front of the wrist, and the design is made on the palm in the middle, then leaving some space near the palm, the design is made on your fingers.

Similarly, the back part of your palm. Designs are celebrated in the same way there too. Which is also called circle mehndi design.

This design looks very beautiful, and it is also very easy to make. You do not even spend much time in making this design.

Apart from this, you can make it for any function, Teej festival or Shadi. This design looks very beautiful on your hands.

Chain type mehndi design Chain type mehndi design
Now we tell you. Chain type mehndi design Yes friends, you must have heard about chain type mehndi design or you must have made chain type mehndi design.

This design is made mostly on the back side of your palm, and this design is made near the little finger.

This design goes till the thumb. Chain type design is made in between. Apart from this, it is made even more beautiful by applying bindi on this chain type mehndi design.

When we make this design, then we do not need to make any other design, because this design looks so beautiful that you do not need any other design.

That’s why when there is a function party. Then this design is made a lot, because it is unique and beautiful design. There is a special thing about this design.
We can also get this design made on our neck. If we get Chain type design design made on our neck, then after that we do not need to wear any jewellery.